IpovisioneLow vision is the branch of Ophthalmology that deals with the diagnostic study and rehabilitation of patients with irreversible eye disease, characterised by insufficient visual acuity to carry out normal daily activities: generally that is less than 3/10 at a distance and less than 10 cp close up.
The Low Vision Academy is the most accredited scientific institution in Italy in the field of research on low vision. Annually it organises a national conference, where all the experts in the field meet, as well as several national residential courses.
The Low Vision Academy National Congress is distinctly based on scientific interdisciplinarity, in order to encourage dialogue across different fields with the aim of improving the therapeutic options available to the patient. The approach to the patient with low vision doesn’t simply include an offer of rehabilitation with visual aids, but also embraces visual training, advanced diagnostics, antioxidants and neurotrophic therapies, applied surgery, retinal neuroregeneration and tissue techniques. Read more